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We offer a range of services including photo to measurements, personalized size for product recommendations, and much more!

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Size Fit Recommendation and Measurements

Experience an AI-powered 3D visualization solution that offers unparalleled personalization, Size Fit, and Measurement recommendations to enhance your shopping experience, reduce returns, and provide brands with actionable body data for smarter, more sustainable decisions.
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Size Fit - Individualized Size Recommendations

Who We Are

3D Measure Up is a landmark extraction and measurement technology developed by ProtoTech Solutions. It is designed for various industries which  require human body measurements. Body measurements help create personalized experiences, leading to cost savings and increased sales, engagement, and customer loyalty. The sectors benefiting from these solutions include E-commerce and Fashion.

3D Measure Up helps you accurately identify landmarks on objects and provides hundreds of measurement parameters viz. distances, circumferences, heights, surface areas, volumes, etc. We use a combination of computational, geometrical, and machine learning (ML) algorithms to give you very accurate results. The technology is available to companies in the form of WebApp, OEM App, and API for easy integration into their workflows.

Who We Are - 3D Measure Up's Photo To Size

Key Features

Key Features - Photo To Size

3D Measure Up Photo-To-Size is an AI-powered body measurement application that helps e-commerce apparel stores acquire user measurements easily and reduce returns by 50%.

  • Automatically detect key measurements from a SINGLE PHOTO.

  • Get size-fit recommendations customized to your SKUs.

  • Works on any device - Laptop, tablet, smartphone.

  • Easy to integrate - Widget and API.

  • Sample app to integrate with your website.

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Architectural View of 3D Measure Up-OEM Integration
Measuring Planes for extracting accurate measurements
ISO Standards related to body measurements
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