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3D Measure Up API’s New Google Drive Link Feature

3D Measure Up API's New Google Drive Link Feature


In the dynamic world of 3D modeling and measurement, the 3D Measure Up API has just rolled out an update that will reshape how you interact with your 3D models. This blog will guide you through the seamless process of utilizing the new option in the API, allowing you to call the “/measure” endpoint using a Google Drive share link.


3D Measure Up API – Measure and Metrics

Before we delve into the step-by-step guide, let’s briefly understand the core functionalities of 3D Measure Up API – Measure and Metrics.

  • Measure:
    Precisely measure your 3D models, providing valuable data for analysis and enhancement.
  • Metrics:
    Metrics offer a comprehensive set of measurements and data points, enabling you to gain deeper insights into the intricacies of your 3D model.

Step 1: Prep Your 3D Model on Google Drive

  • Begin by uploading your 3D human model to your Google Drive. 
  • Once uploaded, click on the ‘Share’ button and set the access level to ‘Anyone’ for general access. 
  • Now click ‘Copy link‘ to generate the shareable link for your 3D model.

Step 2: Initiating 3D Measure Up API Usage

To harness the potential of the Measure API and Metrics API, follow these steps:

Measure API:
Send a POST request to ‘https://api.3dmu.prototechsolutions.com/prod/models/measure‘ with the following request body and header:  (Refer to Image 1.1 and Image 1.2)

Specify api-key in the header of the request (POST/GET).

Set API headers
Image 1.1: Set API headers as above


“type”: “all”,

“fileurl”:”https://gdrive.3dmeasureup.ai/download?url={Your 3D Model Google Drive File URL}”,

“auto_align”: true,

“filetype”: “stl”,


Measure API
Image 1.2: /measure API demo using Postman
  • Replace “{Your 3D Model Google Drive File URL}” with the copied Google Drive share link of your 3D model. 
  • You’ll receive either a “requestId” or an error in response. 
  • Let’s say you receive the 163e9760-69c5-11ea-ab70-21d66db68acf as “requestId” (Refer to Image 2)
measure API response in Postman
Image 2: /measure API response in Postman

Metrics API:

Utilize the obtained requestId to send a GET request to ‘https://api.3dmu.prototechsolutions.com/prod/models/metrics?requestId=163e9760-69c5-11ea-ab70-21d66db68acf‘. 

This API will return a 200 success, 202 pending, or 500 error based on the processed result. (Refer Image 2)

Note: Continuously poll for the response at intervals until the status is pending (202), or you receive success or failure.

metric API demo using Postman
Image 3: /metric API demo using Postman

Embrace the Future of 3D Modeling:

By integrating Google Drive share links, 3D Measure Up API brings a new era of accessibility and ease. Elevate your 3D modeling experience by seamlessly incorporating these advanced features into your workflow.



In summary, integrating Google Drive share links with the 3D Measure Up API enhances accessibility and streamlines the “/measure” endpoint, making 3D modeling more user-friendly. With precise measurements and comprehensive metrics, the API remains a valuable tool, and leveraging Google Drive adds convenience.

Here is the 3D Measure UP API Documentation


About 3D Measure Up

ProtoTech’s 3D Measure Up is based on a proprietary algorithm which is a combination of 3D geometry, computational, and machine learning algorithms to provide you with a highly accurate and reliable identification and measurement.

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