Chakir Bader

“Monde Virtuel is a France based technology company specializing in 3D Body Scanners. Our scanners are used for MTM fashion, Palpate and Roll Massage Institutes, and Gyms. One thing that is common for all our users is ‘3D Measure Up’ – the measurement extraction software. It is just what our customers have always asked for: simple to use, fast performance, and amazing accuracy! Whether is making suit by size, compare results of fit massage, or weekly effectiveness analysis of a gym program – 3D Measure Up makes it all quick and easy.
We have a great working relationship with ProtoTech Solutions because they are constantly updating their solution and are always willing to respond to our requests and quickly adapt the program to our needs. They are quick to respond and treat each customer as a VIP. Thank you for all of your hard work as a squad!”

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